Yay! Italian guy who lost Hugo Boss bag (with salami) gets it back from Trans Cab

The Italian man who left his Hugo Boss bag behind on a Trans Cab taxi on Apr 11, after a trip from Orchard Parade Hotel to Gardens by the Bay, has since retrieved it from the company.

In a report yesterday (Apr 12), a Stomper, who is a friend of the bag's owner, had appealed for help in locating the item on his behalf.

The bag contained two handphones as well as small gifts from Italy, such as salami.

Stomp contacted Trans Cab and a spokesperson confirmed the incident. She also said that the bag was in the Trans Cab office and that its owner had been informed.

We then called the Stomper to update her about the incident.

She later told Stomp that her friend has been reunited with his black Hugo Boss bag.

Check out photos showing the guy with his bag -- and enjoying some tasty salami -- in the gallery above.