Man loses file containing ultrasound scans, marriage cert and birth cert at Yishun

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A Stomper needs help finding a black file, containing numerous important documents, which he lost in the vicinity of Yishun Block 408 yesterday (Feb 6) at around 8.30pm.

He had left the file on his car but forgot to retrieve it before driving off. He later retraced his route to look for the item, but to no avail.

Said the Stomper:

"I lost a black rectangle file which contains my son's birth certificate, my wife's marriage certificate, ultrasound scans and all the warranty cards. It's very important to me.

"I left it on my car roof at Yishun Block 408. I had driven there to show my mother-in-law the baby scans, but forgot about the file.

"I was caught up and wasn't thinking straight."

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