I lost my Kate Spade wallet along Orchard Rd, it was a gift and has sentimental value to it

Submitted by Stomper Wynn

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Stomper Wynn is hoping a kind soul will return her Kate Spade wallet she dropped along Orchard Road yesterday at around 7.50pm.

She was on her way back to work at The Paragon and carrying some stocks when her wallet dropped out of her bag somewhere after Lucky Plaza and near the Tong Building.

She said the wallet contains around $90 in cash, her Singapore work permit, her Malaysian identification card and driving licence and several ATM cards.

The wallet is black with a gold-plated zipper," said the Stomper.

"I hope the Stomper who picked up my wallet will kindly return it back to me.

"I will be very grateful as the wallet was a gift to me and has sentimental value to it.

"Thank you very much!"