Have you seen this pink Renoma wallet? My mother lost it at Blk 161 Mei Ling Street

Submitted by Stomper Jai

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Stomper Jai’s mother lost her pink Renoma wallet last Friday (Mar 17) at around 7am after a cab ride. 

The cab she took was a blue ComfortDelGro vehicle, and she is unsure if she had left it behind in the vehicle or dropped it along the void deck of Block 161, Mei Ling Street. 

Said the distressed Stomper:

“I am seeking help as the wallet contains all her bank cards and identification card, but the most important thing that is inside is a red packet given by my late great-grandmother to my Mother around 10 years ago.

 “My Mum still keeps inside as a good luck charm and it really means a lot to my Mum.”

If you find this wallet, please email stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.