Have you seen my Guess wallet? It contains important items of sentimental value

Submitted by Stomper Charmaine

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Stomper Charmaine is appealing for help in finding her Guess wallet that she might have lost at Compassvale Street, Senoko Road or on an Uber vehicle.

The wallet means a lot to her as they contain several items of sentimental value.

Said the Stomper:

"Might have lost it at Senoko Road, Compassvale Street or on an Uber.

"Please return the wallet to me as my mother bought it for me and there is a guitar pick that someone specially got for me inside.

"My NRIC, EZ-Link card and driving license are all inside too.

"Please return these items and my wallet to me as they are important and some are of sentimental value."

If you have any information about the wallet, please write in to stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp + 65 9384 3761.