Family searching high and low for dog that ran out of rescuer's hands at Jurong West

Submitted by Stomper Hui Min

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Stomper Hui Min is looking for her family's dog which was last seen at Block 663, Jurong West Street 65 on May 20, at around 6.30pm after running away from home.

Vivi is a female Jack Russell Terrier that is friendly and does not bite. She is white in colour with brown patches on her ear, and has buck teeth.

Hui Min said:

"My family's dog ran out from home on May 20, between 3pm to 4pm.

"It was found by someone else after that, but according to what I heard, ran off from the rescuer's hands and is nowhere to be found since then.

"We have been searching high and low for her since her disappearance.

"My family and I are missing her dearly and are hoping for her safe return.

"Vivi, please come home!"

"If you have any information about the dog, please contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.