Did you see an electric blue iPad-sized pouch near Jurong East Stadium?

Submitted by Stomper Michael

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Stomper Michael’s sister lost an iPad-sized pouch along Jurong East Street 31 on Saturday (Mar 4) at around 10.30 am and is desperately hoping to get it back.

According to Michael, the family had been playing badminton at Jurong West Stadium in the morning, before going for breakfast together.

Michael’s brother-in-law had dropped the rest of the family off outside Jurong East Stadium, so that they could walk towards the hawker centre while he parked the car.

After the rest of the family had alighted, Michael’s sister moved from the back of the car to the front, to accompany her husband to park the car opposite the stadium at Blk 316 Jurong East Street 31.

It was only when she was alighting at the carpark of Blk 316 that she realised her pouch was missing.

Upon realising the disappearance of the pouch, the family backtracked to search for it, but their search was futile.

Michael told Stomp that his sister was sure she had the pouch with her when the family left Jurong West Stadium after their badminton session.

The most likely place where she had dropped the pouch was outside Jurong East Stadium, when she moved from the back seat of the car to the front.

The Stomper said the pouch was electric blue in colour. It contained a DBS ATM card, some cash, and an iPhone 6+ with an army green-coloured casing

Michael said:

“We are hoping that some kind souls will return the items if they were found.”

Kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or via WhatsApp at 9384 3761 if you have any information about the lost pouch.