$50 reward offered for Stomper's brown Levi's wallet lost during taxi ride

Submitted by Stomper Nesh

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Nesh is offering $50 to whoever returns his brown Levi's wallet lost during a GrabTaxi ride from Chua Chu Kang Block 237 to Segar Road Block 479 last Friday (Apr 21) between 8pm to 9pm.

The wallet contains his Identification Card, EZ-Link card, a medical certificate, along with $15 cash. The Stomper is a student of Chua Chu Kang Institute of Technical Education.

Said the Stomper:

"I was not well that day and took a taxi and could have lost it along the way.

"I have a lot of important items in my wallet and I hope they can be returned."

Kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761 if you found the wallet.