Lorry skids 180 degrees and hits car on rainy day along PIE

A lorry skidded 180 degrees and hit a car on a rainy day along the PIE.

According to a caption on a video of what happened posted on ROADS.sg, the accident took place on Jun 14 at around 8am towards Tuas near exit 41.

In the video, the lorry can first be seen travelling on the first lane of the five-lane road.

At around the halfway mark, the lorry driver lost control of the vehicle. The lorry then skidded one full round into lane three.

The driver who recorded the video was occupying the lane at that point. He could not stop his car in time and was hit by the lorry. 

Thankfully, he managed to swerve his car just before impact, thereby reducing the damage done to his car.

It is unclear if anyone was injured.