Lau Lup's luck takes a bad turn after receiving this $10 note

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After finding several auspicious notes, Stomper Lau Lup found an unlucky one.

According to Lau Lup, the note was given to him as change from a ring seller at a flea market a couple of weeks ago.

The note's serial number, 4CC555606, can be read and interpreted as "死死死!呜呜呜,luck zero luck!" or "Die, die, die! Wu wu wu (sobs), luck zero luck!"

He used the note to buy another item from another seller at the flea market unknowingly.

When he noticed, he quickly offered to give the seller another $10 note in exchange for the unlucky one.

The seller agreed and managed to identify the note out of a stack of notes in his wallet, which Lau Lup thanked him for afterward.

However, he believes that owning the unlucky note was the cause of his recent diagnosis of gastroenteritis, followed by conjunctivitis and then URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection).

"I have taken three MCs within a short period of time in November. I am still on antibiotics,"  he said.