Update: Driver of BMW SKN388Y who flashed red and blue blinker on BKE not from Police

Stomp understands that a driver of the white BMW who flashed a red and white blinker on the BKE at around 4.15pm on Jun 28 is not from the Police.

Stomper Stanley came across the car while driving on the expressway and alerted Stomp to what he saw. He said in a telephone interview that he was unsure if the BMW with a licence plate reading SKN388Y was a police vehicle.

In a video sent by the Stomper with a dashboard camera, the car can first be seen travelling at a relatively high speed on the right-most lane of the expressway. A small blinker flashing red and blue lights was placed on top of the dashboard.

According to Stanley, the driver then flashed his high beam at the motorist in front, possibly to ask the latter to give way.

Said the Stomper about what he saw:

"I could see a male clad in a simple T-shirt commandeering the vehicle and flashing his high beam at the car in front of him. 

"The car in front was seen travelling within speed limit of 90km/h on the expressway and seemed to be ignoring the BMW.

"I immediately dialled 999 to verify if the car is indeed a police vehicle lest it is someone impersonating a police vehicle to stop cars."

Stanley was then told that his query will be directed to the Traffic Police, and that he can file a report at any Neighbourhood Police Centre if he wants pursue the matter.

He said he has heard stories of police impersonators stopping drivers before robbing them in America, and hopes that the same thing does not happen here.

Said a police spokesman in response to a Stomp query:

"During police operations, police officers can be identified by their police warrants.

"If in doubt, members of the public can call 999 for assistance when it is safe to do so."