What do grassroots leaders really do and why do they do it?

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Grassroots Leader?

The Hidden Good, a social enterprise that was started in 2014 as a response to the increasing negativity online, had recently made a video about Grassroots Leaders and what they do, in hopes to inspire a community that cares.

In the video titled 'Hoodie-at-work: Grassroots Volunteer, Frank, The Hidden Good's very own Hoodie, became a Grassroots Leader (GRL) for a day.

Frank went from door to door to explain government policies to residents, collect newspapers to raise funds and organise an event for the community, to experience and find out what perks grassroots leaders have.

Said GRL Diyana in the video:

"When you volunteer for events, you see how your smallest actions can make a difference." 

"It is amazing that RC volunteers do not just serve the community, but also get to help others out there who are in need," added Frank. 

You can watch the inspiring video below. The truth about Grassroots volunteers may surprise you!