Viral video shows woman yelling at maid: Should she do this even if helper did something wrong?

Submitted by Stomper Gerek

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Stomper Gerek alerted Stomp to the following video posted on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff showing a woman yelling at her foreign domestic worker.

The video, apparently taken from a neighbour’s house, shows the woman, dressed in black, scolding the maid, who is dressed in blue.

The employer can be heard ordering the maid to put away what appears to be a laundry basket, before saying, “No!” and “Put on the (washing) machine!”

She then strides over to the washing machine, where the maid is standing, and takes the laundry basket forcefully away from the maid.

She says:

“I got to tell you how many times, then you will know? One month already, put things also don’t know how to put! Come here!”

Subsequently, she proceeds to slam the laundry basket onto the washing machine, sending  the contents of the basket clattering onto the floor.

The maid then picks up all the fallen objects.

The woman can be heard saying:

“I don’t want to teach you. I don’t know how to teach you.”

She then walks away, leaving the maid alone to do the chores.

The video has been viewed 106,000 times and has been shared over 1,600 times on Facebook since it was first uploaded on Wednesday (Feb 22).

Even though the maid had not followed instructions, was the woman right to yell at her?

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