Thoughtful residents create makeshift home for stray cat at Woodlands Blk 872

Submitted by Stomper Nesh

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Stomper Nesh was on his way to work at around 6am this morning (May 2) when he spotted a cardboard home some thoughtful residents had made for a stray cat at the void deck of Block 872 Woodlands Street 81.

In the photos Nesh contributed, a white cat with brown spots can be seen sleeping soundly in the makeshift house. A sign stuck on the entrance of the house states: "Please do not throw, remove or damage this lovely cat's house! Your co-operation is much appreciated."

Said the Stomper:

"I chanced upon the house early this morning and I felt touched.

"One month ago, there used to be a basket here for the cat but someone threw it away.

"It was replaced by a well-designed cardboard house that was painted pink and yellow, but it was thrown away too.

"The cat used to sleep at the lift lobby on the third storey. Now it has a home."