Selfish driver goes against traffic flow so that he can secure carpark lot at Bukit Timah Hill

Submitted by Stomper Zach

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Zach was leaving Bukit Timah Hill after a morning climb with his family last Sunday (Feb 12) when he saw a driver at the carpark go against the flow of traffic just so he could get an empty lot.

In the video submitted by Zach, Zach’s vehicle is slowly turning out of the carpark when a red car comes into view. Despite the clearly marked arrow on the ground, the red car goes against the traffic flow and drives into the empty lot.

Some passers-by can be seen staring at the car as well.

Zach said:

“This is not just a selfish queue-cutting act but also a blatant disregard of traffic rules and safety of others.

“Drivers should be aware that such acts are not tolerable even if they are not caught by the traffic police.”