See what these teenagers are doing to the ofo bikes

Submitted by Stomper Lim Chee Kiang

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Stomper Chee Kiang recently alerted Stomp to a video circulating on Facebook, showing two teenagers abusing ofo bikes on the roof top of a multi-storey carpark. 

In the video, a boy in yellow shirt was seen running and pushing an ofo bike, before letting it go.

The bike moved unguided, for a distance before crashing to the floor. 

This was repeated by another boy in black. 

The video was upload by Facebook user Aida Kassem.

According to Kassem, the incident happened on a multi-storey carpark in Woodlands.

In an accompanying caption, he wrote:

“I have sent three emails to ofo reporting this incident since Saturday, but I guess it's just falling on deaf ears.

“ I hope somebody will take action as these acts are really dangerous!

“ Aside from vandalising the bike, it could hurt passers by too. 

“What if the bike went over and hit someone or even fall on a moving vehicle?” 

It is unclear exactly when the incident happened.