Resourceful couple teams up to free 15-year-old son trapped in Ang Mo Kio lift

A husband and wife couple had to work together, pressing the lift button at different floors simultaneously to free their 15-year-old son trapped in an lift at Block 129, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 on Feb 5.

The 46-year-old mother of the victim was reportedly going out to buy her dinner at 7pm when she discovered that the lift had broken down.

When she returned at around 8pm, the lift had resumed operations and her son told her that he was heading out for a while:

“After about half an hour, I started to get worried when my son wasn't back.

“When I went to the lift which had stopped on the ninth storey, I realised that he was inside.

“He gestured to me, indicating that he was trapped and the door wouldn’t open.”

The woman quickly informed her husband, who called the town council for help. 

In a stroke of ingenuity, the couple decided to try out a new method.

While her husband held the button on the eighth storey, the woman also pressed the lift button on the 10th storey. 

To their surprise, their gamble paid off when the lift descended to the eight storey and the doors opened. 

Said the surprised woman:

“This was not the first time that this lift has issues.

“My husband and I had the same problem back on Jan 31, when it was suddenly trapped between the fourth and fifth storey. 

“Luckily the doors opened in the end, but we didn’t expect our son to be trapped too.”