Police smash car window in Hougang, unconscious driver arrested for drink driving

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A Stomper was in Hougang yesterday (May 25) when he saw police officers smash the passenger-side window of a car parked near Block 965 along Hougang Avenue 9 because the driver was unconscious with his head on the steering wheel.     

A spokesperson from the police confirmed the incident, and told Stomp:

"On 25th May 2017 at 11.17pm, the police received a call for assistance at 965 Hougang Avenue 9.

"A 52-year-old male car driver was subsequently arrested for drink driving. Police investigations are ongoing."

In the three-minute long video contributed by the Stomper, a police officer can be seen making repeated attempts to smash the passenger-side window of a car with licence plate number SGY2833K.

The officer eventually succeeds and they help the intoxicated man out of the vehicle. 

Said the Stomper:

"The police had to break open the window to enter the car. The man's car blocked the road and no car could pass through.

"His head was resting on the steering wheel and throughout the whole time he was there, the vehicle was honking away."