Pigeons feast on uncleared food at Eunos hawker centre -- where litter is aplenty

Submitted by Stomper Jaja

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Stomper Jaja was disappointed when he visited Eunos Crescent Market and Food Center, famed for numerous delicious hawker fares, during the past two days.

He saw that the place was filthy, with rubbish sprawled all over the floor and pigeons feasting on food remains on uncollected plates by the tables. 

Said Jaja:

"I'm not complaining, but just concerned about what has happened to the hygiene standards of our small green Singapore.

"It's been two consecutive days that I've dropped by to buy lunch and whenever I come back, I see flocks of birds and litter everywhere.

"It's annoying and disturbing for customers.

"Also, I don't see any cleaners even and the stall owners seem to have to clear their own plates and cups.

"Hope the Town Council will look into this soon."