Oh, honey, who said you can't grow your own crops because you stay in a HDB flat?

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A Stomper harvested two homegrown honeydews on Saturday (Mar 11), and shared the fruits of her labour with the Stomp Team.

In a phone interview, the Stomper told Stomp that the idea to start growing honeydews at home came from her husband, who was interested in growing his own fruits.

They first planted the honeydew seeds last August in a pot at their HDB flat in Toa Payoh.

The plant flourished, and they harvested their first crop in December, consisting of three honeydews, the heaviest of which weighed 1.2kg.

Right before Chinese New Year, the family cut the plant, leaving only one stem. The Stomper told Stomp that the plant remained barren until late February, when her helper discovered that it had begun growing another fruit.

On Saturday, they managed to harvest two more of the honeydews, one of which weighed in at a whopping 1.8kg.

The homegrown fruits were sweeter and crunchier, and much more fresh than store-bought ones, said the Stomper.

She said:

"We've actually cleared the pot as the plant wilted, and we are planning to grow more fruits again in the future."

Laughing, she added:

"Taking care of a plant and having it bear fruit, actually feels kind of like having a child. It's very rewarding."