Not 1, not 2 but 4 ofobikes chained to railing at 9th storey of Blk 20 Jalan Tenteram

Submitted by Stomper Nasha

Stomper Nasha was on her way home last night (Apr 10) when she spotted five ofo bicycles along the corridor of the 9th storey of Blk 20 Jalan Tenteram, in the Toa Payoh area. 

Nasha was frustrated to see the five bikes -- out of which four were chained to railings -- kept near the lift, and she said: 

"I thought it was supposed to be for public usage, so why must you guys take advantage of the ofo bikes and lock them up as if they belong to you? 

"It is a sharing bike and not supposed to be kept in a block. It should be left in public spaces.

"The corridor is a common area. The bicycles obstruct everyone.

"I think these bicycles belong to children who live in the block. These children need to be educated on what is the right thing to do.

"It is fine if you want to use it, but please put it back where it should be returned. 

"People are taking advantage of it because it is free."

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