Muddy water gushing out of cracks on road opposite Ten Mile Junction LRT Station turns area into pool

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Stomper Png alighted at a bus stop opposite the Ten Mile Junction LRT Station yesterday (Jan 21) at around 3pm and he realised that muddy water was gushing out of a large crack on the road, and causing a small flood.

A video of the incident was taken by Png. 

There was also a smaller crack that was leaking water aside from the main gape, and the cracks worsened as vehicles drover pass them, causing water to start gushing from the gashes. 

Said Png:

“Many vehicles were forced to avoid the elevated ground and it seemed really dangerous, especially to motorcyclists.

“Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene and closed off the road at around 4pm, while waiting for the contractors to come. 

“Still, I’m not sure what caused the cracks.”

Watch the video below.