Inconsiderate BMW driver hogs road at Blk 2 Lor Lew Lian

Submitted by Stomper Richard

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Stomper Richard was frustrated when he realised that an inconsiderate BMW diver had parked in the middle of the road near his home at Block 2, Lorong Lew Lian last Saturday (Mar 18), between 7pm to 7.15pm. 

The driver of the white BMW blocked off the exit of a small road from 7pm to 7.10pm, leaving vehicles between unable to move, but was forced to move ahead when another car approached from behind.

According to Richard, the driver seemed to have been waiting for a passenger, and a woman was spotted boarding the vehicle at around 7.15pm before it moved off. 

Said Richard:

“A second car came along and was unable to go as it was blocked  by the BMW and the road divider. 

“This kind of inconsiderate behaviour really causes inconvenience for residents.”