Got no home is it?: Youngsters drink, smoke and make noise at midnight at Serangoon North void deck

Submitted by Stomper Mdm Chua

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Stomper Mdm Chua alerted Stomp to a group of youngsters who have been gathering at the void deck of Blk 123 Serangoon North Avenue 1 from 12pm to 5am weekly.

The Stomper said:

"I stay at Blk 143, the block opposite to Blk 123, and there is a group of noisy residents that gather at the void deck of the opposite block at least three times a week.

"They smoke, drink, laugh and clap very loudly, and scold vulgarities at the void deck from 12am to 5am. 

"I have two kids, including a newborn, and they disturb our sleep so much that we cannot rest.

"This has been happening for years but nothing can be done.

"We've called the police on multiple occasions, but they gather back at the void deck after the police officers chase them away.

"I'm so sick of them disturbing my peace."

The Stomper also contributed some photos and a video that she had taken of the group at around 1am on Sunday (Mar 12). 

In the videos, a group of five people can be seen sitting on a table at the void deck. A bottle of drink can be seen on the floor next to the table.