Elderly bookie openly accepts bets at Redhill Food Centre, keeps transaction records in letter box

An elderly bookie in his sixties was seen blatantly accepting bets at Redhill Food Centre under the public gaze, and keeping records of the transactions made in a letter box a the foot of an HDB block in Redhill. 

An anonymous source told reporters that he would see the elderly man accepting illegal Toto and 4D bets from stall owners and customers alike every morning when he visited the hawker centre, reports Lianhe Wanbao

Said the source:

“He would show up every day at around 7am and walk about the hawker center, collecting bets from people.
“He works till about 10.30am each day, and he does this quite openly. 

“He doesn’t even pretends to hide his intentions when he's collecting the bets.”

According to the same source, the bookie has been in the same line for 20 years, and although he was arrested and jailed eight years ago, resumed his illegal activities soon after his release from prison:

“He was thrown in jail for four months and fined, but after coming out, resumed being a bookie.

“It’s as if he isn’t afraid of getting caught at all.”

The source revealed that after observing the bookie, he noticed that the bookie kept a record of the bets made in a book which he kept hidden in a letter box. 

He also alleged that the bookie worked as a helper in one of the stores to avoid rousing suspicion, and claimed that said bookie had reportedly refused to pay a man after the man won, citing that the man did not place his bets at all.