Auntie with 2 boxes gets refused entry at Eunos MRT gantry, argues with station employees

A middle-aged woman was barred from entry by station staff at a gantry in Eunos MRT Station while lugging two bulky boxes on Wednesday (May 17) at around 8am. 

It is understood that the woman in her fifties had transported the two boxes to the MRT station using a pushcart, but was stopped at the gantry by staff members who informed her that the boxes which she was carrying were too large and she would not be allowed to board the train, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The boxes which she was carrying seemed heavy and when stacked together, were nearly as tall as an adult. 

A 63-year-old witness told reporters that the woman appeared to be agitated and was arguing with the station staff.

She said:

“It was during the peak period and there were many commuters at the station, as people were on their way to way.

“However, this woman started quarrelling with the staff just outside the control station.

“She seemed to be really agitated and there were police officers on the scene trying to mitigate the situation.

“At one point, she asked one of the staff, ‘There are no signboards indicating that bulky possessions are prohibited, so why can’t I take the train?’”

The witness said that she understood the woman’s frustration as there were indeed no signboards indicating that rule.

However, she also felt that she should not have lost her temper and created a scene in public. 

Said the witness:

“I believe that the staff stopped her out of consideration for the safety of passengers.

“There were so many commuters, so her bulky luggage could have caused inconvenience to the others too.”

She said that she hoped that signs can be placed up to indicate that bulky objects are prohibited in the future.

According to the guidelines from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), only items with dimensions below 90cm x 60cm x 30cm are allowed on the trains. 

When inquired about the incident, SMRT said that the information can readily be found on the company’s website, but will take into consideration the opinions of commuters.