If this video of a snake regurgitating another live snake doesn't make you cringe, nothing will

The sight of snakes might be revolting to some.

What Christopher Reynolds and his wife, Nina, came across at the side of a road in Texas however, probably will make even the bravest of individuals cringe.

In a video they took that was posted on ViralNova, a black snake can be seen regurgitating another live snake. 

At the beginning of the video, the black snake can be seen among some vegetation with its belly full. It had swallowed another serpent that was still alive.

Its prey decided that it will not go down without a fight, and started slowly crawling out of the black snake's mouth.

Based on the video, the brown snake that left the belly of its predator was only slightly smaller that the latter.

At the end of the video, the black snake slithered away into the bushes, probably realising that it should not hunt what it could not kill.

See what happened below and check out other bizarre happenings involving creatures of the wild in the gallery above.