Young man to the rescue after elderly woman left bleeding from fall near Bugis Junction

Submitted by Stomper StompSG

Stomper StompSG was heartened to see a kind young man come to the rescue of an elderly woman who was left bleeding after a fall near Bugis Junction on Thursday (Mar 4).

The Stomper said the elderly woman and her husband were walking on the walkway near Bugis Junction when she fell and hit her head on the pavement.

According to StompSG, her head was bleeding profusely and she was in pain, but no one came forward to help her.

Thankfully, the kind young man stepped up and helped the elderly woman to apply pressure on her wound.

He also called for an ambulance and checked if she had other injuries.

"He kept the elderly woman and her husband calm until the ambulance arrived," said the Stomper.

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