Thank you MOM staff for going the extra mile to make my wedding possible

Submitted by Stomper Kohji

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Stomper Kohji Toh wished to thank the staff from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for making his wedding possible.

The Stomper, a singer-songwriter in Singapore, explained that on May 11, three days before his solemnisation, he had gone to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) with his bride to collect the necessary certificates.

However, the Stomper and his bride were informed that they had to provide a letter of approval from MOM as his wife-to-be used to be a permit holder.

So the couple headed down to the MOM office at Bendemeer Road, where the staff informed them that the approval for the letter would take around one month.

"The advise from both ROM and MOM staff was to postpone my marriage by a month, but that was impossible as I had already sent out all the invitations and my future in-laws were already on their way to Singapore.

Kohji desperately searched for MOM officers' contact numbers on Google, managed to reach one of them.

"A friendly gentleman answered and I shared my problem with him.

"He asked me to calm down  and promised to try his best to help me, taking down my details.

Shortly after this, a woman working at MOM contacted Kohji to ask for his documents.

"She even met me in person at the MOM office at Havelock Road to collect my documents in person, and told me to relax and head home to have a good rest.

"She assured me that she would help the next working day.

"However, when I reached home, and opened my email, she had already helped to get the approval done within a few hours.

"The entire thing was done within one working day.

"Therefore, I would like to make use of this chance to thank the both of them sincerely.

"Without your help, my marriage would not have happened.

"Thank you for going the extra mile."