Steady lah, TP officers Nadzrie and Bo Wei for helping to change punctured tyres of GrabHitch car

Submitted by Stomper Goh

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Stomper Goh alerted Stomp to a Facebook post by a GrabHitch passenger complimenting two Traffic Police officers for offering to change a punctured tyre for a driver stranded on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). 

In the Facebook post by Charlie Koh sent to the Singapore Police Force Facebook page, he said that he was on a GrabHitch ride home yesterday night (Mar 15) when the car broke down along the PIE due to a punctured tyre. 

Said the post:

"In less than 5 mins, the Traffic Police – SSG Nadzrie and SGT Bo Wei appeared in their TP motorcycle and came by to control the situation.

"After noticing the car broke down, they swiftly advised the driver to move to the road shoulder. This is where I firmly believe that they deserve our admiration and respect – the driver didn’t know how to change tyre.

"These two TP even offered and tried to change the punctured tyre for him. Whether they managed to change it or not, I wasn’t there to see with my own eyes as one of them tried to flag down a cab for me to get home."

Charlie ended the post by congratulating the two officers for going beyond the call of duty.

He said, "It is definitely the passion and their willingness to solve the problem right at the spot for the driver that counts and it really bring about such positive experience, who will still say Public Service is without a heart.

"These two TPs served with so much passion and perspiration. They are great!"