S'porean loses passport, IC and valuables in US, but how S'pore authorities helped him will put a smile on your face

A Singaporean whose passport, IC and valuables were stolen in America thought he was in for a lot of difficulties travelling back here.

However, how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Consulate General of Singapore in San Fransisco and the Immigrations Checkpoints Authority (ICA) helped him has earned the praise of netizens in Singapore.

The Singaporean, Jasper Chong, said in a post on Fabrications About The PAP on Feb  that his laptop bag, containing his passport, IC and valuables, was stolen in the US last week.

He reported the incident to the MFA, who advised him to head to the Consulate General of Singapore in San Francisco.

"The next morning, Consulate General called me and said my document for travel is approved and ready for collection," said Jasper.

"It's a letter of identity provided by Singapore to allow me to travel back to home country.

"Replacement passport can only be done in Singapore, that's why I had to come back first.

"I arrived back in Singapore on Saturday night. Came to ICA today (Monday) for passport replacement.

"Explained that I need it urgently and various officers who attended to me were thorough and empathetic. 

"They managed to get my replacement passport ready for collection tomorrow."