Remember biker who pushed aside road barricades to ease traffic in heavy rain? Here's what she looks like

A biker who won the hearts of Singaporeans by braving heavy rain to push road barricades out of the way of motorists has been identified by netizens.

Stomper lta saw the biker pushing the barricades to ease the jam at OUE Downtown in Shenton Way on Monday (Jan 23) morning.

The Stomper took a video of the biker's commendable deed and sent it to Stomp.

Motorbike dealership Hodaka Motoworld posted on their Facebook page that their fans had helped to track the biker down.

Though many netizens thought this was a man, Hodaka Motoworld pointed out the biker was a woman.

Identified as Miss Liyana, Hodaka Motoworld presented her with a brand new RS Taichi raincoat.

The page also detailed that the biker was sheepish about collecting her gift, and said that she had not expected her small gesture to become viral.

Hodaka Motoworld aptly said in its post, "looks like not all heroes wear capes, some wear motorcycle helmets too!"