Kudos to this ComfortDelgro cab driver who refused compensation despite sick child vomiting in his vehicle

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

Stomper Ah Boy alerted Stomp to a post by Facebook user KScheng Jason thanking the a ComfortDelGro cab driver for rushing his sick daughter to Parkway East Hospital.

According to the post, the cabbie had picked up his sister, daughter and Jason himself from Bedok North Road at 10pm yesterday (May 30).

During the journey, his daughter vomited in the cab, but the driver refused compensation for it. 

Jason, who is a taxi driver as well knew how inconvenient it was to have someone vomit in his cab, and wanted to thank the cabbie, retrieving his number from the driver hotline. 

When staff contacted the cabbie, he turned down the compensation again. 

Jason wrote in his post:

“Even after my daughter vomited in his taxi, he did not want any compensation at all.

“I am so sorry about it as I myself am a taxi driver.

“I asked for your number from the drivers hotline, and staff tried calling you but you still refused the compensation. 

“Once again, thank you for your help.

“I appreciate it greatly from the bottom of my heart.

“Anyone who knows who he is, kindly PM me and allow me to thank him personally.”

Said Ah Boy :

“Kudos to this driver.

“Despite the child vomiting in the taxi, he still refused compensation for it.

“He has the compassion to forgive and empathise with the sick child.

“He is truly deserving of respect!”

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