Kudos to people who came together to defend Marina otter family from Bishan otter family

A group of people who banded together to defend a family of otters in Marina from a family of otters in Bishan have earned praise from netizens in Singapore.

Facebook group OtterWatch posted a video of the incident that happened on Sunday (June 11).

The group said that it was alerted at about 8am that the Bishan otter family had reached Robertson Quay, and were picking up on the scent of the Marina otter family.

The Marina otter family, which had recently lost the alpha male of the group, were resting on land near Jiak Kim Bridge with their five pups.

Many members of the public, park connector users and residents who were familiar of the history between the two otter groups started alerting one another as they feared a clash would lead to the elimination of one group.

They were joined by otter watching communities, and banded together to block the Bishan otters to make the climb up a flight of steps to reach the Marina otters.

Despite repeated attempts, the otters were unable to get past the humans to the other side, and returned downstream after about two hours.

The OtterWatch group noted that this was the first time the Bishan group had travelled so far upstream.

The group also praised everyone who came together to protect the Marina group that had just lost their dad recently.

"Today, the community has proudly stood in for their lost dad," said the group in its post.

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