Fallen tree blocking road no problem for these kind-hearted drivers

Stomper Lynn notified Stomp of a kindhearted act she witnessed yesterday (June 8), at around 10:45am, as she was driving through heavy rain on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). 

Apparently, the stormy weather had caused a large tree to fall along the exit towards Stevens Road. 

"It blocked the entire two lanes, and cars couldn't move at all.

"Motorcyclists could still go through, but not cars.

"The tree was causing a long jam on the expressway, until some courageous drivers decided to brave the weather with umbrellas, and do everyone an kind favor. 

"Fortunately enough, there were still kind-hearted souls out there who got out of their cars, and went to move the tree away.

"Kudos to these few great guys!"