Elderly woman pays $1 for food while man is charged $2.50 for same thing -- but here's why he's so happy about it

Kindness is priceless and warms the heart more than any amount of money ever can.

A Facebook user shared a heartwarming experience he had one morning while buying breakfast at a coffeeshop.

According to his post, he was waiting in line to buy mee hoon from a stall when he happened to overhear an old lady in front of him talking to the stall owner.

Her unusual complaint was what caught his attention.

"Why you always charge me... so... cheap! How can the [meehoon] be only $1?!" she exclaimed.

The stall owner just smiled and explained she was his first customer every single day.

"You, ah! Every day I'm you're first customer... always charge me so cheap," the old woman replied, also smiling as she walked away with her food.

The man then ordered the same thing as the woman -- mee hoon with egg. However, he was charged $2.50 instead.

But instead of getting angry, he said he felt good upon paying for his food even though it cost 2.5 times more than the woman's and said it was a 'great way to start his day'.

Inspired by the stall owner's generosity, he wrote: "Don't focus on those who shout or lose their cool on others. Look at those who quietly help those in need in their own quiet way."