Don't worry about this burning car on Farrer Road -- thanks to these heroes who saved the day

Stomper Gerald was driving through the cross junction of Farrer Road and Holland Road when he spotted a car on fire yesterday (June 6) at around 5pm.

"It was a small fire, but the car was still burning a lot internally as if the oil was burning.

"The bottom of the car, where the engine is, was burning as well," he described. 

The situation was looking dire, when two unexpected heroes came running to the rescue suddenly.

In a video Gerald took of the scene, a uniformed man runs towards the heavy smoke holding a bright red fire extinguisher, joining another man already fighting the flames.

"A taxi driver and a bus driver stopped, and took out their fire extinguishers to help put out the fire.

"What a noble effort and kindhearted act by our transport workers."