Cool S'porean auntie gives teen pro tip for skateboarding trick

When Twitter user Apul tried to execute a skateboarding trick on Thursday (Mar 2), he received unexpected help from a lady who was passing by.

In the video he uploaded, Apul is seen with one leg on his skateboard and talking to a woman.

Apul had just attempted a heelflip, which is when the skateboarder kicks out in front of him and flips the board 360 degrees along the board's length.

The woman, according to Apul’s subsequent tweet, told him that she considered his previous attempt a fail, and asked him to spin the skateboard more.

He then tries again, and executes the move successfully, to which the woman says, “Ah, okay, okay, well done.”

In his tweet, Apul says: "Auntie must been a skater uh last time."

Many users were impressed, and the tweet had garnered 2.2k retweets by the next day. Many impressed users praised the woman, while others called her cool.