Yum! Bikini-clad women serve food at Taipei hot-pot restaurant

The hot-pot menu at this newly-opened restaurant in Taipei's Songshan district is not the only thing that's sizzling over there.

In a bid to outdo their rivals in the competitive F&B industry (because delicious food and impeccable service are apparently not good enough these days), 'Fresh Feast' restaurant hired five bikini models to act as servers during its grand opening.

Photos circulating online show the scantily-clad women serving food to customers.

The restaurant's marketing ploy has obviously worked, as the pictures have gone viral and are now talk of the town even among international netizens.

One Facebook user wrote, "I haven’t been to Taiwan. I think it’s about time I go on an adventure."

Unfortunately for him, this was just a one-time PR stunt.