You'll either find this iPhone 7 ad pure genius... or not

A man's Facebook post in which he is offering an iPhone 7 for sale has gone viral, with over 10,000 likes, 7,200 comments and almost 34,000 comments since it was posted on Mar 3.

However, it has nothing to do with how awesome the product is.

But that is also because the product is not visible in the photos posted by Facebook user Maino Black, who is from Pennsylvania in the United States.

He wrote, "Selling an iphone 7 it's not in the picture because I used it to take the pic but this is how big it is $300", along with pictures of his hand estimating the size of the device.

While Black clearly wins in creativity and grabbing attention, we are not sure if anyone is daring enough to buy something that they are unable to view in the listing.