You'll be surprised at how Russia's most famous Barbie looks like without makeup

Of all the 'Human Barbies' out there, Valeria Lukyanova from Russia is probably the most famous, having been one of the earliest to make headlines for her doll-like looks.

That also means that the 31-year-old has come under heavy criticism for over-modifying her appearance.

However, Valeria attributes her Barbie Doll image to natural beauty, with some help from makeup and special contact lenses to enlarge her irises. She maintains her slim figure through vigorous training.

According to her, she has only altered her body once with breast enhancement surgery.

To further refute claims that she is an artificial beauty and prove her detractors wrong, Valeria has shared several images of her without makeup.

The pictures have taken netizens' breath away, with many saying that she looks better bare-faced.

See all the photos in the gallery above.