You won't believe how much a Penang family spent on a paper Lambo offering

$5,320 is what some families spend over the course of a month.

For a family from Penang, that was the amount of money they spent in a day for a golden Lamborghini sports car made out of paper to burn during Chinese All Souls Day (Qing Ming) this year, The Star reported. 

Made by Lin Zhao Wei, a 26-year-old paper effigy craftsman, the paper car was scaled after the real vehicle and was so big that it had to be delivered on a six-wheel lorry. 

Lin said that a funeral services company based in Penang approached him with the order, and he spent a month working on it with his friend, a specialist in computer technical design.

Lin, who makes the effigies at his house in Taman Intan, added that he learned the art from a relative, and previously made a mock Porsche.