Woman uses her hijab and makeup to transform into Disney characters

A make up artist from Malaysia has captured the attention of thousands on Instagram, after using her hijab to help transform herself into popular Disney characters.

Under the name Queen of Luna, Saraswati has shared over 300 posts with her 27,000 followers, each of them incredible and accurate recreations of different cartoons and heroes, Diply reports. 

She takes her love of comic books, J. R. R. Tolkien, the Underworld franchise, Hannibal Lecter, and heavy metal to the next level by using her skills as a makeup artist to make her favourite characters come to life.

The amazing thing about it is that she incorporates her hijab into her representations of characters from the Disney, Marvel, and DC catalogs to put an original spin on them. 

 Check out the gallery above to see how Queen of Luna recreates your favourite characters in a way you have never seen before!