Woman scarred in vicious attack leaves mum suicide note -- but netizens rally to change her mind

While the Internet generally makes you lose faith in humanity, every now and then, it also restores that lost faith with aplomb.

On Nov 11, 2015, one woman's world was turned upside down in a vicious attack while she was visiting Yunnan, China.

The woman was at a barbecue stall with her friend when they were both assaulted by a group of drunk men.

The victim, surnamed Dong, was hit with a beer bottle, beat up, then dragged out of the stall.

One of the attackers then used a shard of glass to cut her face open, while another recorded the deed.

Dong said that despite the attack happening out in public, no one stepped forth to help her.

After the attack, the men took their victims phones away and boasted that they have good connections with the police, so the women should just say this was an accident.

Despite this, Dong reported the incident to the police, but was left frustrated by the pace of the investigation that she took to Weibo to share her story, and photos of her horrific injuries.

The worst of these injuries was a long gash that ran from the top of her nose to the top of her upper lip, which required six stitches.

Her post quickly went viral, and the public backlash prompted the police to set up a task force which arrested six suspects, even though Dong says there were at least nine attackers. 

But Dong's life continued to spiral downwards. When reporters recently visited her, she said that her mum had since fallen ill and her boyfriend had left her.

She also said that she had racked up 150,000 yuan (SGD$30,364) in medical bills, lacks the money to hire a lawyer, and does not know who will cover the cost of her surgeries.

A second government medical examination also stated that her injuries were considered 'second-grade minor injuries', which she finds ridiculous.

The latest photos of her, taken 136 days after the brutal attack, were uploaded online recently.

Netizens have been leaving her kind messages, encouraging her to not contemplate suicide and to keep pushing for action on her trial.

Dong has since thanked netizens for their support, stating that it is such kind words that motivate her to press on with life and her case.