Woman gets hair caught in Guangzhou train doors -- and stays stuck for 6 stops

Ever made a rush for a train that was about to close its doors because you do not want to wait ages for the next one?

This woman did the same thing during peak hours on the Guangzhou Metro on May 17.

And although she managed to slip her entire body inside a crowded train cabin in time, the doors closed on her hairs and left her trapped.

She thought that she only had to wait till she reached the next station, but was disappointed when the train did indeed stop and opened its doors -- on the other side.

According to Shanghaiist, metro workers responded swiftly and informed the woman that due to safety concerns, they would not disrupt the normal operation of the city's subway by opening the doors.

Instead, they recommended she get a haircut.

However, she decided to simply wait till she reached the end of the subway line after six stops, where the operator eventually opened the door and freed her hair.

She was reported as being "calm" and "acted naturally" during the whole journey.