Woman finds lost iPhone and discovers serious security flaws despite it being locked

A woman found somebody's lost iPhone and was shocked to discover a serious security flaw despite the phone being password protected.

Twitter user @afronomics then took to her Twitter to share how potentially unsafe losing your iPhone can be, especially for women.

She had found the phone in a public bathroom on campus.

Despite the phone being locked, it was still possible to talk to Siri and she realised that she could pull up the owner's first and last names, where she lives and where her car is parked.

She was amazed that it was so easy to find out such critical information from a locked phone.

When she managed to connect with the owner to return her the phone, she also told her about the major security flaw.

She then helped to change her settings so that this would not happen again.

Check out the gallery above to prevent this from happening to you.