Wife in Malaysia gets stack of cash from husband as pocket money -- then says it's 'so heavy'

When someone gives you money, you would probably react to it with a huge smile on your face

One wife in Malaysia however reacted rather surprisingly.

According to World Of Buzz, a man decided to show affection to his wife by putting a small stack of RM50 (S$16) notes into her purse.

His wife then posted a photo of the money she received on Facebook.

She left a caption in Mandarin:

"This morning, I noticed something unusual about my purse. I opened it and saw a huge amount of cash inside. 

"My husband admitted that he was the one who put them in.

“He said he seldom buys gifts for me, so he gave me pocket money. 

"My husband is so adorable, he could’ve just give me a card instead of cash. 

"The cash is so heavy, how am I going to carry them around?”

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