What's wrong with him? Man tosses, hits and strangles crying toddler

Submitted by Stomper Then Lee

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Stomper Then Lee was browsing through Facebook when she came across a post showing a man beating, strangling and tossing a crying toddler.

In a post published yesterday (May 16) by Facebook user KF Hui, a man wearing red underwear can be seen using a variety of painful methods in an attempt to make a child stop crying by force.

In the three videos, each around 10 seconds long, the man hits the baby on the chest repeatedly and tosses the child around like a ragdoll. At one point, he even strangles the child for a few seconds.

It is unclear where the incident happened at. The post has since been shared more than 70,000 times.

Netizens who viewed the video were outraged and concerned about the safety of the toddler.

One netizen said:

"People like this should get a warning from the authorities."

Another said:

"Feel like I wanna cry when I watch this video. How could you do this..."