What happens when Hugh Jackman tries stinky tofu in Taipei

Actor Hugh Jackman was in Taipei last week to promote his final film in the superhero Wolverine franchise, and according to his Facebook page, he found some time to hit the streets to try local delicacies. 

In one of his trips to a night market in the Songshan district, Jackman decided to sample an iconic Chinese dish: Stinky Tofu. 

Thankfully, it was an experience Jackman was able to stomach.

"We went to the night market last night. It was so much fun. We had stinky tofu... It's not as stinky as I thought," Jackson told a press conference on Tuesday (Feb 28) according to Rappler

Jackman, who has been undergoing treatment for skin cancer since 2014, also tried chicken heart skewers, another popular Taiwanese snack.

He posted a short video of himself before he sampled the local dishes and one of himself greeting his fans in Taipei when he arrived.