Watch how snatch thieves on motorbikes single out target and seize gold chain from unwary pedestrian in Malaysia

A shocking CCTV footage of three snatch thieves robbing a passerby of his gold chain outside Panmour Hotel in Klang, Selangor has surfaced online. 

The footage was apparently taken last Saturday (Feb 18), reports The Coverage

In the video, a man was shown on a bike alone, but was joined by another two men on another bike. 

When the victim came into the frame, the two men struck swiftly, removing his gold chain. 

To allow the victim to let his guard down, the two men deliberately passed him by at first before making a quick U-turn to grab his gold chain.

The two fled quickly after that.  

Everything happened in a blink of an eye, and the first man rejoined the two during their getaway. 

Watch the video below.